It is no secret to growers that energy expenses contribute to a significant portion of their annual spending. During the greenhouse design phase, growers can reduce their upfront costs by taking certain steps. But when thinking of long-term spending, the most effective way to decrease energy consumption and reduce costs is by using thermal insulation screens.


In this our white paper titled "Maximizing energy savings through the use of climate screens", we will explore:

  • Selecting the right climate screen for your greenhouse climate and to reduce energy consumption
  • How growers can reduce their energy consumption with climate screens
  • Installation techniques to ensure the screens are correctly mounted
  • How to optimize your climate and fully harness the benefits of energy screens

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How do climate screens help lower energy costs?

Climate screens play a crucial role in minimizing energy costs within greenhouses by providing effective insulation. By trapping heat within the structure during colder periods, these screens reduce the need for excessive heating, thereby lowering energy consumption. They also limit heat loss at night, ensuring a stable temperature that fosters optimal growing conditions for crops. Moreover, during warmer periods, these screens prevent overheating by regulating the influx of sunlight and controlling the greenhouse's internal climate. By creating a more controlled environment, climate screens enable growers to decrease their reliance on energy-consuming heating and cooling systems, leading to substantial energy savings and increased overall profitability.

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The process of choosing the right climate screen can often be complex as there are many different options available. When selecting screens for your greenhouse, it can be helpful to involve an expert who can guide you towards the screen that will provide the biggest benefit to you. One tool that can assist in this process is the Svensson Energy Calculator.

The energy calculator is a digital tool that is used to simulate energy consumption in various mature greenhouse models. The energy calculator incorporates all greenhouse factors into its calculation process and then provides a report on the estimated energy savings that would be achievable when using climate screens. Using the energy calculator, we can compare the effect of different screen solutions and strategies to reduce the energy consumption.

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