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Leamington Grower Summit





March 6, 2024

Leamington, Canada

5 Sessions

100 Available seats

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Growing Beyond Limits: Plant Health, Crop Diversity, and Energy Optimization

This in-person event is hosted by the ACT Group


The greenhouse food production sector is undergoing rapid evolution, playing a vital role in sustaining the world's expanding population. Given the rising demand for fresh, locally sourced produce and the imperative to mitigate agriculture's environmental impact, embracing innovative approaches becomes paramount. Growers can propel their operations forward by prioritizing enhancements in plant health and quality, broadening crop varieties, and optimizing energy consumption.

The ACT Group is set to host the 2nd Leamington Grower Summit, a half-day, in-person, complimentary educational event designed to offer strategies for enhancing the operational excellence of greenhouses while concurrently improving cost-effectiveness. This event will delve into crucial industry topics through real-world case studies, data and research presentations, and the dissemination of the latest innovations available to growers.

After the educational workshops, the ACT Group will host a happy hour including heavy appetizers and cocktails.

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ACT is a collaboration of industry-leading companies, providing premium services and products for the horticulture industry. We partner to bring together industry suppliers and growers to provide networking opportunities and education on the latest cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

Meet our speakers

Paul Arena (2)

Paul Arena

Greenhouse Climate Consultant

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Amos Bassi

Plant Specialist
Philips Horticulture LED Solutions

Andy Lee

Andy Lee

Global Technical Knowledge Manager

Jan Westra

Jan Westra

Strategic Business



Maximizing Yields and Profits through Crop Diversification
Laust Dam

with special guest, Laust Dam

This panel discussion on crop diversity will focus on expanding beyond a primary crop to include others like cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, and lettuce. Representatives from the four ACT companies will discuss similarities and dissimilarities of environmental controls, irrigation, screening and shading, lighting, and substrates. The discussion will help growers understand considerations to building a successful and efficient operation. Attendees can expect to learn about the benefits and best practices for growing a different crop, and how to optimize their growing conditions for maximum yield and profit.

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Understanding Environmental Farm Plans, Biosecurity Plans and Funding for Greenhouse Operations



The ACT Group is excited to welcome Margaret May from the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association to present an overview of the  Environmental Farm Plan, outlining its mechanisms, goals, and benefits for growers, along with requisite criteria. It discusses available funding options such as SCAP and other programs, detailing amounts, periods, and categories. It highlights eligible products and actions tailored to greenhouse growers, emphasizing qualifying measures for funding. Real-world success stories within the greenhouse sector demonstrate tangible benefits. Lastly, it informs about upcoming funding periods, workshops, and deadlines, fostering engagement and participation.


Margaret May

Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association

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Join us for a Happy Hour!

Hosted by the ACT Group


After a day of sessions, the ACT Group invites you to join us for a happy hour! Happy hour will include beer, wine, and cocktails and heavy appetizers. We will be hosting the happy hour at the Roma Room, immediately after the last technical session.


Date: March 6, 2024
Time: 5:15PM
Location: Roma Club

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