Energy Calculator: Determine your total energy savings potential

The process of choosing the right climate screen can often be complex as there are many different options available. When selecting screens for your greenhouse, it can be helpful to involve an expert who can guide you towards the screen that will provide the biggest benefit to you. One tool that can assist in this process is the Svensson energy calculator. The energy calculator was developed by Svensson and hosted on a platform that is managed by

The energy calculator is a digital tool that is used to simulate energy consumption in various mature greenhouse models. The energy calculator incorporates all greenhouse factors into its calculation process and then provides a report on the estimated energy savings that would be achievable when using climate screens. Using the energy calculator, we can compare the effect of different screen solutions and strategies to reduce the energy consumption.


How it works

Here is how the calculator works - we must first input all of the greenhouse parameters including screen type, temperature, humidity, and screen strategy. Then, the energy calculator will pull local climate data, greenhouse cover, thermal energy, and plan models to generate a full report in about 20 minutes. The figure below provides a high level look into how the calculator determines the final results.

Energy Calculator

Through expert analysis of the report, we can determine the monthly and yearly energy consumption and savings based on the type of climate screen. The report will also calculate the ROI on the climate screen investment. By using the energy calculator, growers can make an informed choice when selecting a new climate screen and developing a screen strategy, which will result in increased energy savings over time.

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