Hector Parra
Héctor Parra


About Héctor

Héctor Parra has been working as a Climate Consultant for Svensson since 2021. With a Bachelor's degree in Biosystems Engineering and experience in horticulture, Héctor understands the importance of supporting and improving this industry.

Héctor's priorities at Svensson are to transmit the technology and knowledge that Svensson offers. He also aims to help specify solutions that improve climate and insect control conditions inside greenhouses. Additionally, he contributes to monitor and follow-up with growers the field trials where Svensson's products and innovations are evaluated.


Area of expertise:
  • Greenhouse climate management
  • Climate screens management
  • Insect control screens and the impact in greenhouse's climate
  • Irrigation management in greenhouses
  • Climate monitoring (climate sensors)

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