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Get higher yields and reduce your greenhouse costs

The process of choosing the right insect control net can be complex, as there are many different options. When selecting an insect control screen for your greenhouse our Climate Consultants can advise you on the mesh that will keep the particular pests that damage your crop out, while maintaining maximum airflow. 

But we understand that before choosing an insect net, it's also important to consider the return on your investment (ROI). That's why we developed the Xsect Payback Calculator.

Our Xsect Payback Calculator is based on years of experience. With it you can you can calculate estimated profit and yield increases. And you'll also get a rundown of what you'll save in time and money when you invest in an Xsect screen. 

Xsect Payback gives you the numbers you need...

Estimated profits

Estimated cost savings 

Total investment

Payback time

Request a meeting with one of our Climate Consultants to get an analysis of your Return on Investment with Xsect Payback:

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Here are some resources to get you on your way to protecting your crops from pests with Xsect
Xsect web page

Everything you need to know about Xsect to protect your crops from pests while maintaining optimal airflow in your greenhouse

Download the Xsect guide_EN

Download our guide "What you get out of your greenhouse depends on what you let in" and learn more about the benefits of Xsect

Testimonial Gomalor

Gomalor's trials of Xsect demonstrated a 50% reduction in thrips year on year and a 30% reduction in applications